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There is nothing more special than watching your child perform on stage.  Our classic recital gives you a chance to do just that. Focusing on classical, jazz, light blues and vocal arrangments, students at many different levels play pieces that showcase their hardwork and love of music.  Held at the beautiful Alexandria Room (shown right), this show is not to be missed!

For those students whose tastes lean more to the edgy side, we offer the one and only "Rock Show".  We understand that part of the magic of learning an instrument is getting to play with others on stage.  After learning and practicing for several months, our guitar, drum, and bass students are placed in bands and perform on a real stage with professional lights and sound(shown left).  They play many different Rock songs from the Beatles, Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Green Day, Nirvana and More. These kids sure can Rock!!!

General info

Students may perform in either show, both shows or not at all. We want our students to have opportunities to perform but not pressure to perform, so whenever they are ready our music teachers are there to help them deliver their best performance!

Music Teachers Network is also very particular about the setting and acoustics of our shows and recitals. We do our shows in 2 separate venues one designed specifically for rock & pop and the other for classical & jazz. Our Fairfield county venue locations are acoustically and esthetically authentic adding to the experience.

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