How It Works
  •  Contact us by phone or form, give us as much info about the student as possible.
  • Based on the info you give us through a live conversation or email chat with one of the owners, we will go over options and pricing.
  • When all questions are answered and you are ready to get started a teacher will call you asap to schedule a time that works mutually for lessons.
  • At the first lesson the teacher will give you a written form explaining everything you need to know about lessons.
  • Enjoy learning music!
  • To see answers to frequently asked questions just scroll down.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What instruments can Music Teachers Network LLC teach?
A. piano, guitar, bass, drums, cello, violin, sax, trombone, flute and clarinet
Q. Is my child old enough to start taking lessons?
A. Every child is different, but in general we have had success with kids as young as 5-6 for piano and violin, 7-8 for guitar, cello, sax, trombone, flute, clarinet and 8-9 for drums and bass guitar.
Q. How soon can we get started?
A. Usually we can have an instructor at your door in as little as 24 hours!
Q. How often are lessons?
A. Lessons are 1 time per week.
Q. I know your teachers are safe and qualified but what if we just don't "click" with our teacher?
A. We like to think that we are pretty good at matching students to teachers, but if after a few lessons, you feel you want to switch teachers, M.T.N. can arrange it.
Q. Is there any long term contract?
A. No, you are only signed up 1 month at a time and the only thing to sign is a company policy form that explains payment, holidays, etc.
Q. Can you teach adults as well as kids and teens?
A. Yes, absolutely.
Q. Do you teach any instruments other than the ones listed on the home page?
A. No, not at this time.
Q . Why do students pay at the beginning of each month?
A. In the past some people have lost interest in lessons and lost track of payment. As a result, some of our teachers ended up losing money, not only on the unpaid lesson(s), but also on the time slot that could have otherwise been filled.
Q. How long before my child plays a song?
A. Difficult to answer, but some students are playing simple recognizable songs in as little as three months, others may take much much longer. The biggest factor involved is how much and how well they practice. The other factors are age and instrument quality.
Q. Do you have recitals?
A. Yes, we have both a guitar and bass recital called "ROCK SHOW" and our traditional piano, voice, brass and woodwind recitals.
Q. Can I pay cash?
A. No, to keep the most accurate records we like something with your name on it proving to all involved you paid for the month. Also we like our teachers to focus on the lesson not the responsibility of making change and the money part.
Q. How long does my child or I have to practice?
A. A minimum of 15 min. a day is required - some teachers may require a bit more.
Q.Do I need to help practice like I sometimes help with homework?
A. No, but peek in once in a while and give some positive feedback.
Q. Why don't you give make up lessons?
A. Well technically we do, in the form of free credit lessons.  Every time a month has 5 weeks ,you still only pay for 4 weeks.This happens 3 or 4 times in a school year.
Q. How are your teachers chosen?
A. All go through and must pass the following steps to be considered.
A 20 min. phone interview
A 90 minute face to face interview
An audition
A personal reference check
An expensive detailed background check.

It is through this 5 step process we can determine if a teacher meets the following requirements
Quality teaching methods
Flexible teaching methods
Good work ethic
Good attitude
Good sense of humor
No shady past
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