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The following testimonials and reviews are taken from the Music Teachers Network "Google Places" listing. These reviews are of REAL Monroe, CT students / parents who know us and the work we do. It is just a small sample of what the vast majority (if not all) our customers are saying about our service. We are happy to be matching great music teachers with some wonderful Monroe families.
‎ - Nov 3, 2011
Music Teachers Network is THE best place to go for any music lessons. They barely even seem like lessons considering how much fun you have while learning! Those 30 minute lessons, once a week just fly by quickly. I have learned so much from Scott Hargus, he is the best guitar teacher, ever. I wouldn't recommend any other music teaching business. It is a very organized place. As one of MTN's students, for quite a few years now, I would recommend it to anyone. The teachers are incredibly patient, nice, and caring. They don't just teach music, they have a passion for music and encourage their students in any way possible, to make the most out of what they're doing. Music Teachers Network is THE best place to go for music lessons if you're looking for people who are actually energetic and excited to teach what they know, and for patients, much learning, and much fun. I would NEVER go to any other place to learn the guitar, ever.
‎ - Nov 7, 2011
I like this company a lot , prices are really good , I think they charge a $1 or $2 more per lesson BUT they send a teacher to me !!! It saves me close to an hour a week, and my son likes his saxophone teacher. Highly recommend.
‎ - Oct 27, 2011
Scott (owner) has an immense passion for his craft, and for helping his students be the best they can be. He makes sure students are matched up with the right teachers, and he is just an all around nice guy

‎ - Feb 13, 2012

I believe that a big component of taking effective music lessons is being comfortable and relaxed. In order to fully express yourself with your ideas and your music you need to be in an environment that feels safe; an environment that does not intimidate or make you afraid of making mistakes. When I took lesson with the Music Teachers Network I was young, shy, and knew nothing about playing music.  My teacher was very welcoming. He had a great sense of humor and made me laugh, which helped me relax. I was able to be myself and ask questions which ultimately helped me learn more. I also found my teacher to be extremely knowledgeable as well as personable. His talent was impressive, but he constantly reassured me that with practice, I would eventually meet his level of skill. Everything I have learned has stuck with me through the years. I highly recommend giving Music Teachers Network a try... you will love it.
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