Mr Mike Guitar Teacher

Mr Mike - Guitar
Mr. Michael has a very diverse background in music. Like many aspiring guitarists, he began playing early in life and then pursued it into his collegiate career.

While studying Jazz theory and arranging at the University of Maine, Michael developed an interest in composition and spent a great deal of time writing music and developing a personal compositional style. During this time he also learned to play the drums, piano, and bass guitar to aid in his understanding of how to write for other instruments.

Michael later studied audio production for music and film at the Audio Recording Technology Institute in Orlando, FL and interned with world-renowned mastering engineer Bob Katz. He currently works as a freelance audio engineer in CT and has been involved as a writer, performer, and engineer for a number of commercial projects. Michael's experience and education as a musician, songwriter, and audio engineer gives him a unique perspective and he is devoted to helping others find their musical voice.

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