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Music Lesson Scholarship

At Music Teachers Network we get to work with some fine young individuals. Helping bring out their hidden talents on: Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Saxophone etc. is a real treat too!
These students are fortunate enough to take advantage of  working closely with some of the areas best teachers.  
However, last year it became clear to us that many kids, due to their families limited financial resources, are not able to get any music training on an instrument even though they have a passion and talent for it.
Their passion turns to frustration and their talent goes to waste.   
Music Teachers Network llc was moved to help so we created the "Music Lesson Scholarship" fund to find and educate these talented young people and help them aspire to more than their situation or environment would normally have allow.
Music Teachers Network llc will:
Donate all instruments and supplies needed to take the music lessons.
Find and screen  applications for lesson scholarships.
Apply 100% of the donations to 1 on 1 private instruction for the recipient of the scholarships.

Your donations will help us help them so please consider donating any amount.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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