Reviews from our Shelton customers

Reviews from our Shelton CT Music Lesson Customers

The following testimonials and reviews are taken from the Music Teachers Network "Google Places" listing. These reviews are of REAL Shelton students and parents who know us and the work we do. It is just a small sample of what the vast majority (if not all) our customers are saying about our service. We are happy to be giving music lessons to people who enjoy what we do so much!
‎ - Sep 13, 2011
Grant, my 15 year old son, has been taking bass lessons with Scott for several years. Scott is a professional musician who knows how to relate to kids. Reading music and learning to play an instrument has been a great experience for our son. The whole family enjoys the annual rock shows and the convenience of in-home instruction.
‎ - Sep 14, 2011
Both of our children, daughter age 18 and son age 15, have been taking lessons with Scott for the past 3-4 years. Scott is a great teacher and our kids say the program is great, they enjoy Scott's lesson and his sense of humor!! Scott is flexible with his teaching lessons so that it remains fun (we hear a lot of laughter during the lessons every week) and the kids remain engaged (mixing up the lesson and the songs). Our kids have been in his rock camps and have participated in his summer camp where my son made his own bass and is very proud of this accomplishment. My husband and I would highly recommend Scott and his program. Our daughter also took piano lesson with one of Scott's other teachers prior to switching to the acoustic and electric guitar. These are highly skilled instructors and ones that we fully trust in our home, with our children. We would highly recommend this Music Teacher's Network.
‎ - Oct 26, 2011
We are thrilled with our son's piano and drum teacher. He is excellent with the kids, courteous and a pleasure to have in our home. We couldn't be more pleased with the lessons & the convenience that MTN offers.

‎ - Feb 14, 2012

We have been using MTN teachers for about 5 years now and honestly there is nobody else out there that does what they do for as little as they charge, I don't know how they do it but I don't care ..... I would recommend them highly :) What I like about it is: they don't only teach me music, but also the music technology I can use and the music careers I can excel in.  MTN is not only affordable, but give students many opportunities to experience the music industry for what it really is. I can be in concerts, make my own guitars, and record my own music. - from your friendly neighborhood SPIDER-MAN (Jason )
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