Mr Peter Piano Violin and Cello Teacher

Mr Peter - Piano, Violin and Cello
Mr. Peter is a classically trained music teacher with BA in Music Education and Composition from University Cyril and Methodius, Macedonia (Former Yugoslavia). Even though his main instrument was piano, he also studied violin, cello and double bass. After graduation, he took a one year non-credit course in jazz composition and improvisation and taught piano, double bass and fretless bass guitar at the local jazz academy.
Mr. Peter specializes in classical, jazz and ethnic music, advanced music theory, composition, mixed chorus and orchestral arranging. He has been privately teaching since 2004 while still working at various schools. In 2011, upon his return from Europe, he decided to continue with private teaching only.  
Mr. Peter also has experience working with special needs students as he previously worked for the former Plymouth-Salem elementary school for children with special needs. 
His curriculum and lesson plans are based on student's abilities and aspirations with appropriate balance between theoretical and practical work. Students are taught a stimulating, thorough, and graduated course of recital solos, theory, and technical studies - a diverse repertoire. The lesson material is always carefully chosen, and when necessary, adapted to specific learning needs or to address certain technical difficulties. For those wishing to pursue more of a classical approach to music, there are proven methods to accomplish that goal established by European master instrumental teachers and pedagogues.

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